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  Cable Assemblies & Tele-Communications Accessories
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Various of Cable Assemblies

Kai Turn provide variety of Cable Assemblies for Telephone cable, Audio & Video cable, Electronic cable, Computer cable...

Competitive prices and high quality are our keeping effort target. 

Trust us, you can make it !!

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Item Name Sale Price Inquiry now
 1  KT-3600M-A4   Inquiry now
 2  KT-3600M-A5   Inquiry now
 3  KT-3600M-AA   Inquiry now
 4  KT-3600M-AB   Inquiry now
 5  KT-3600M-AE   Inquiry now
 6  KT-3600-AB-AD   Inquiry now
 7  KT-3600-AP-AD   Inquiry now


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